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Cafeteria Substitutes Wanted

Cafeteria Substitutes Wanted

Openings in our Auburn Public Schools for School Year 2014/2015

The working hours are on an on-call basis.

 You can enjoy working mother’s hours.  Put your child on the bus in the morning and be home in time to get him/her off the bus.  There is also a possibility of working at your child’s school but as hired you will be called for any of our district schools.

You would help in the preparation of tasty foods along with serving and cleaning up. Some duties may vary depending upon the need of the Cafeteria Unit Manager.

To apply, just come to: 5 West St. Auburn and fill out an application. Also, a CORI Check will be completed as well.

Come join the exciting team of Food Service Professionals!

If you have questions, please call 508-832-7755 and ask for

Cecile or Janice or email us at:

Food Charges
Please make sure any and all charges to your lunch accounts are paid in full prior to the end of the school year. 
Janice King, MEd, RD, SNS, CDE - Food Service Director
Cecile Leufstedt - Assistant
Food Service Overview
The School Nutrition Department is a Federally and State-funded program. We rely on student and staff payments as well as reimbursements from the State and Federal governments to support our operations. We have a Point of Sale (POS) System in each Cafeteria. Each student has a pin number which allows only one meal purchase daily. In addition to meals, we offer snacks and drinks for purchase.

We try to offer healthy snack and beverage options for students to supplement their meals.If you DO NOT want your child to purchase additional items besides school lunch, please call us at 508-832-7755 and we will make note of this on his/her account. You may also contact each individual manager at the schools:

High School: Lisa Godaire (508) 832-7711 EXT 4

Middle School: Betty Doggart (508) 832-7722

Julia Bancroft: Debbie Mahlert (508) 832-7744

Pakachoag: Rita Beauregard (508) 832-7788

Mary D. Stone: Natalie Kline (508) 832-7766

Bryn Mawr: Kathleen Annese (508) 832-7733

In the Elementary grades the menus go home with the students monthly and the Auburn News and Cable Station also list the menus for all levels in the school system. At the Elementary, Middle, and High schools we have daily choices in addition to the listed menu.

The daily choices at the Elementary level are peanut butter sandwich, yogurt fruit parfait or romaine salad with chicken. These choices may be taken in additon to the regular menu choice which includes a vegetable, fruit or dessert, and choice of milk.

At the High School and Middle School levels we offer many items, including a salad bar at each school, hot and cold sandwich choices, and pizza.

Payment Procedures
Prepaid Procedure
Because each student has an individual account in our POS system, parents may send in a check or cash to deposit in their child’s account. As a student eats each day, the computer automatically deducts one lunch payment from their account. The computer will only deduct one meal a day and if a student were to purchase anything else, it is done on an a la carte basis. You may send prepayment money into each school with your child or send payments to the Food Service Office at 5 West Street, Auburn, MA 01501. We are also able to split a check between siblings within the system if prepayment is sent to our main office.

On-Line Payment 
Parents will be able to view their students’ accounts and make payments through PayPal.  Set up your account or make payments online at:

Charging Procedure
Because our system allows prepayments, it also allows students to go through the cafeteria line and purchase items without money. The computer then charges that student’s account for a meal or the items that were purchased a la carte.

We discourage charging and at the high school level as we have had a great deal of abuse of this benefit.   There will be no charging at the high school this year.

We do allow students to take up to three meals and at that time, if no payment is received, we do offer a basic lunch to them if there is a negative balance (money owed to us) in their account. A basic meal would be a peanut butter sandwich and milk or cheese sandwich if a child has an allergy.

We can post allergies on your child’s profile. Please provide the nurses at your school information about an allergy your student has. In order for us to consider this as a valid allergy we must have a doctor’s note stating the child has an allergy. We will only post valid allergies on your student account. We hope this helps provide a safe eating environment for your student and can relieve some of the stress parents feel about allergy situations at school.